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Mike is one of the country’s most sought-after executive coaches and consultants. He helps individuals and organizations exceed their own expectations by embracing the art of transformation and using it to drive vision, values, alignment, innovation, and profit.

Prior to working as a coach and consultant Mike served as an Executive Director at Barclays Bank. While at Barclays Mike was responsible for one of the largest and most successful transformations in banking history, including:

  • Increasing overall employee engagement from 64% to 92%
  • Increasing output among customer facing teams by 244%
  • Increasing compliance scores, audit scores, and union relations
  • Improving net profitability and outperforming targets by 125%

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If you were performing at your absolute best, you would have:

  • Loyal customers lining up to work with you and purchase your products
  • The best and brightest talent competing for spots in your organization
  • A reputation for sector leadership, innovation, and creativity
  • A group of frustrated competitors wondering why they can’t catch up
  • And of course, record setting profits

In other words profit would be a side effect that naturally arises from the combination of: amazing culture, customer advocacy, and systematic innovation.

But this isn’t a pipe dream. Mike Amato has a consistent track record of helping companies achieve their full potential. So if building this type of business is possible, why do so few do it?

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