Mike Amato is like a ray of sun breaking through the skyscrapers of Wall Street. You’d be hard-pressed to find a finance executive who has invested more in people loving their jobs. From the stage he takes us into the corridors of finance where he’s proven again and again that cultural transformation drives competitive advantage. If you’ve ever had to fight for a big swing in emotional momentum. If you’ve ever struggled to bolster morale when times are hard. If you’ve ever needed to prove that culture and ROI are intrinsically linked. Then you should hear Mike Amato speak.

Greg Larkin, former CIO, Bloomberg 

“What makes Mike special is the way he is able to effortlessly combine his intellectual horsepower with an incredible sense of empathy and connection with an audience, making the whole experience magical for all who get the privilege to hear him speak. It is nearly impossible not be inspired by his message, challenging all to see the world in an entirely new way!” 

Adrian Walcott, Managing Director, Brands With Values

“Motivational, engaging, and memorable. That is Mike Amato. For over 20 years I have had the pleasure of observing Mike deliver countless public speaking engagements to massive audiences in multiple industries, across multiple countries, to multiple levels. The result is always the same. People leave motivated to be more, do more, give more. Mike engages the audience in every topic he presents because it feels like he understands – like he has been there. That’s because he has. Mike knows how to connect with the audience, and he has an innate talent to use incredibly memorable analogies to keep it simple so everyone walks away with something they will never forget. Mike is outstanding, and his audiences will laugh, listen, and learn. I am forever grateful to have learned from the best.”

Erin Biertzer, Former COO, Barclays Western Europe Retail Banking

“Mike’s work inspired a proper transformation in my life. He’s led me to grow as a human and professional every single day.  From a professional perspective, I achieved measurable results in just 2 months. So again THANK YOU!! Our sessions made a massive difference and have given me a roadmap and strategy for the rest of my life.” 

Monica Millares, head of product development at Big Pay in Kuala Lumpur

“I met Mike in 2012 when he spoke at the Common Purpose – Leadership Without Authority event. Since then I have had the privilege of working with Mike as an executive coach. MIke has expanded my perspective and helped my business achieve results in a way that would have been impossible without him. This has enabled me to find myself, see my potential and stretch towards higher goals. 

I recommend Michael Amato to anyone who aspires to grow in their career and life, especially if they aspire to discover their potential.”

Berhe Woldu, Senior Finance Business partner at The Challenge

“Mike, I am sure you are being deluged with thousands of emails from your many dedicated followers. Though I haven’t been around very long, I count myself among that group. When people ask me about you, I call you the heart and soul of the retail bank. They say no one man makes a culture, but I think in this case they are wrong as your unique connection to so many employees is genuinely inspiring to me.”

John Benevento, Senior Group Vice President, New York

“It is clear you have the ability to motivate all employees to desire to make Washington Mutual the best company it can be.” 

Dan Levin, Washington Mutual Employee 

“Mike’s natural ability to cut through ambiguity, define a clear vision and communicate a strategy for success is compelling and powerful. Mike is a trailblazer, a mentor, a coach and he energises people through his insightfulness and engaging personality. Thank you for all the learning and support.”

Nora McCarthy, Regional Performance Director, Barclays Bank